If it's treated lumber you need, we have it. We stock a wide variety of copper based preservatives that include fungicides for mold and mildew control. The light framing lumber is browntoned for pleasing appearance. In addition we carry basic polebarn material CCA treated for ground contact. We can special order large timbers and long length treated material for your specialized projects.

As a leader in the industry, Coos Head Forest Products constantly researches and introduces new products for our customers' needs. Our chemical suppliers Viance and Osmose treated products are constantly achieving new green building recognition while successfully maintaining superior performance in a variety of applications.


Exterior Wood pressure treats lumber and timbers to above ground, ground contact and in-ground structural use categories using the most effective and environmentally conscious chemicals that we can find - and trust. The result is wood that is strong enough to stand up to wood's natural enemies - namely termites and decay.


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