We follow the market closely on OSB sheathing. What that means for you is we have the best deals around. We always have an ample stock of 7/16" standard sheathing. We also keep stock in 5/8", 3/4" T&G subflooring. If you have a project on the way. Give us a call and we'll help you time your purchases to keep your project on budget.

Weyerhaeuser wall sheathing installs in less time with fewer callbacks. Their sheathing gives builders an advantage over other panels. The superior engineering of these panels protects against buckling, cupping, warping and sagging. To speed up installation we've marked each panel with two-way nail lines applied vertically and horizontally at 16" and 24" spacing to eliminate the need for chalk lines.


Ainsworth's APA performance-rated OSB panels are available in PRS and Struc-1 grades. PRS-rated panels are designed for wall and roof sheathing and subflooring. Struc-1 rated panels are engineered for demanding applications that require superior cross-panel strength, racking strength or shear resistance in such places as panelized roofs, diaphragms and shear walls.


LP Building Products pioneered oriented strand technology more than 35 years ago, and our leadership in the OSB category continues today. It's no surprise that LP makes the world's best-selling OSB sheathing. A cost-effective, high-performance structural panel, LP OSB is known for its uniformity, strength, density and workability.


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